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  12/20: - (3) PMAs vs. Statutory Law

   RE: “Food for thought…” —

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  12/22: - (4) PMAs vs. Statutory Law

   RE: “Food for thought…” —

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Skagit, Upper-Skagit

Cascades and Islands

(January 2023)


Dear Friends of Constitutional Living
Near Skagit and Beyond,


      Just recently, the price of outage-emergency woodstove FIREWOOD "went up 380-400 percent," and we all face a JOINT AND MUTUAL "tomorrow" -- caused by choices made TODAY.  And today, the "dinner-table of evil" is the MOST dangerous of ALL tables to be "partying" at. Our REAL "defense" is -- LOCALLY building the future systems to replace the previous "broken" ones. That's why we're trying to build OUR OWN infrastructure, while we still can. (Create a small but smart local-barter supply-chain, engage in self-sufficient subsistence micro-ranching, and then -- SUBSIST BY PLANTING, TRANSPLANTING, GROWING, HARVESTNG and DIRECT-BARTERING with each-other!...)

And so, -- to go ahead and VIBRANTLY LIVE BY our ORIGINAL America-founding heritage motto: "The Great End of Life is NOT knowledge, but ACTION (!!!)", -- just last week, we successfully added "Local FIREWOOD" and GLACIAL-FOREST "HUMUS" SOIL Ancient Glacial-Forest "HUMUS" SOIL (forest-floor "black gold" fertile GROWING-SOIL amendment) to our now rapidly "congealing" alternative-survival "ITEMS" -- which basically represent "a pure Silver value-backed, initial local-barter basket" being offered (DIRECTLY ONLINE) by various ALREADY SUCCESSFULLY JOINING (and thus -- mutually "PMA"-Contract protected), "SUPPLIER"-level, Private "SmallCrop PMA" Members of ours, and all of us fully intend to keep ADDING MANY MORE core-needs items to that initial (online-available) "ITEMS" selection lot as we go, -- daily!

As some of you know, effective web-based implementation work takes a lot of skill, time, effort and server-hosting fees, -- all of which must, somehow, stay "resources covered," all along. We, at our joint and mutual Private Membership Association ("SmallCrop PMA") -- here, in and around Skagit and the islands -- currently "charge" each joining Private Member of ours ONLY "a dollar a month" ($12 a year) of yearly-renewable Annual-Membership Fee -- for absolutely ALL our mutual web-implementation skills and efforts dedicated to this Pacific-cooperation "alt-commerce passion" of ours, locally. (SEE also, our current "Ranch"-level joining web-page -- by just clicking HERE. ). And so, today, may we please warmly (and NON-"intrusively"!) invite you and your nearest circle of close family, friends and neighbors to, perhaps, seriously consider taking a constructive, Pacific-area focused, "NEW look" at our now rapidly growing Private Membership Association's (PMA's) Web-portal page content at: http://smallcrop.app/new-posts , and see if we can interest you in any of the NEWEST points-and-clicks it so helpfully contains for all of us, Pacific-Northwest LOCALS, at the moment (!?)...

Luckily, since our most recent (November-December) news mailings, 238 new Private Members have successfully joined our Pacific-area (Skagit and surrounding islands) "SmallCrop PMA" -- for which all of us already here are genuinely GRATEFUL to all of you, newly awakening and loyally team-joining friends! As our local Web-PLATFORM's front portal page currently says, -- "Let's Grow Something REAL -- TOGETHER !"

Well, dear sundry surrounding Friends of Our Original Constitutions, -- ARE you gradually starting to GET OUR SERIOUSLY URGENT MESSAGE about all of us needing to immediately start LOCALLY and SOVEREIGNLY direct-bartering with each-other on our (already FULLY PREPARED!) mutual, local-focus common PLATFORM -- right HERE, in and around Skagit and the islands?... -- But also, -- "WHY" one urgently gets up and DOES such an "unusual thing," -- in pleasant, harmonious small-group "concert" with one's immediately surrounding people exactly HERE, LOCALLY, at this point?...)

All of us in and around Skagit (and beyond) absolutely MUST start PRIVATE-CONTRACTING directly amongst EACH-OTHER and lawfully and safely "PRIVATE-MEMBERSHIP" CONTRACT-OPERATING OUR OWN, distinctly LOCAL, native-"GRANGE"-type SUPPLY-CHAINS -- directly with (and among) EACH-OTHER; -- and we must begin doing so no later than, -- literally, -- "N-O-W"!...)

On receipt of this e-mailed news from all of us already DIRECT-BARTER co-operating with each-other LOCALLY here, in and around our Pacific Northwest -- through our current online SmallCrop PMA distributed Web-based ALTERNATIVE PLATFORM, -- would you and your nearest-and-dearest surrounding people please seriously consider sparing a few minutes to fully read this message of ours in its written entirety ("from TOP to BOTTOM" -- and DESPITE what several of you recently rightly called "its too many longwinded paragraphs, adjectives and pronouns")? -- ...And then, also urgently friend-forward it to as many others as you can possibly think of, -- if you've ALSO come to feel that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WOULD GREATLY AND PERSONALLY BENEFIT from it?

As many of you already may have noticed on not one life occasion, -- "EASY-GO, AUTOMATIC, BLIND SELFISHNESS" is considerably MORE "readily available and palatable" to the average "casually surrounding individual out there," than actual, FULLY PROACTIVE AND SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS, truly populist, morally and socially egalitarian, "SMALL-GROUP COOPERATIVE, NEAREST LOCAL COMMUNITY-BASED and EMERGENCY-SURVIVAL aiming INTERPERSONAL SHARING"!... And our particular (unusually "new" and historically "young") people's "social culture" is NOT known for being in realistic possession of many "BANDING-TOGETHER," emergency-coping skills on a truly and honestly "populist," wide scale. And yet, -- "GENUINE INTERPERSONAL SHARING" is EXACTLY what absolutely HAS TO start rapidly and decisively HAPPENING -- beginning definitely no later than... right around "NOW"!...

Don't you also agree? -- Because unfortunately, by THIS stage of "general happenings around us," the very PREVIOUSLY existent (so-called) "system" of currency exchange and services in our long enemies-misinterpreted and repeatedly brainwashers-mismanaged America is now officially "broken beyond repair"! (Colloquial acronym: "F.U.B.A.R." -- or, in partially edited-for-decency words: -- "Freaked"-Up-Beyond-All-Recognition!) -- And so, it's GONE !...

The immediately PREVIOUS "World" as we knew it is distinctly OVER.

...WHICH IS EXACTLY "WHY" today we (perfectly NON-intrusively!) invite you to please most seriously consider literally JOLT-"yanking" yourself THE-"TRUCK"-OFF-OF any immediately PRIOR "longstanding-'SELF'-entrenchment, socio-economically 'self'-SUICIDAL 'self'-ROUTINE" of YOURS, where YOU currently try to function each day, -- and instead, -- please URGENTLY taking the proactively constructive step of JOINING US on our successfully completed, "LOCAL"-emphasis, DIRECTLY "SILVER"-VALUE based, ALTERNATIVE-BARTER, MUTUALLY ONLINE-TRADING and "PRIVATE-MEMBERSHIP (PMA)"-structured, RANCHING-HOMESTEADS SURVIVAL PLATFORM -- hard-workingly Web-developed for all of us locals, here, by SmallCrop Ranchers Of America ("SmallCrop"), and "conversationally" known by the distributed-Web-PLATFORM name: "SmallCrop PMA," -- as follows:

No "brother-backstabbing, high-tech-'elite' traitors" HERE!... Just curious, open, brave folk that KNOW their stuff and will NOT put up with ANY of "the RECENT past"...

We lawfully trade biopure natural commodities with each-other, exchange valuable video / audio rebroadcasts, e-books, transcripts, prep-manuals, translations, e-published invention know-how, and even already pre-fabbed, "install-ready" physical kits of the wildest, rugged-living (nature-architecture) camping "tree-houses," survival "tiny homes," tent "mini-woodstoves," etc.; discuss and exchange independent energy and bio-support prototypes and finals, print online and hard-copy "survival-skills" manuals, components, and much MORE. (SEE also, e.g., -- some of our password-protected Private Online Members at work, up in The Cascade Mountains, currently viewable at Web-page URL: http://smallcrop.ranchcoin.info)


Due to the easily understandable lawful-protections "caveat" that we absolutely CANNOT, and wisdom-advisably SHOULD NOT "deal with" ANY "NON-members" of ours -- E-V-E-R, -- you WILL, in fact, need to have successfully made at least ONE online-PLATFORM, Private-Contract affirming purchase from our joint-effort SmallCrop-PMA private membership association (each lawful, mutual "1-year Private Membership (PMA) Contract term"), if you wish to keep forming ANY personal part of our "Upriver"-Skagit, Hwy-20 mountain-strip and adjacent Cascades ("American Alps"/ Upriver Cascades) rural-ranching, organic / biodynamic gardening and homesteading E-COMMERCE platform, and you can do so at THIS (SKAGIT-BASED, LOCAL) PRIVACY-PROTECTED E-COMMERCE LINK .

(PRIVACY NOTE: -- Once you're on the web-page: http://smallcrop.app/items/ols/products/ranch-membership , and in the process of creating your online user-login on our local silver-backed barter platform, you'll need to provide ONLY the following 3 personal-privacy specifics of yours: -- (1): a "one-letter FIRST (nickname) initial"; (2): a "one-letter LAST (nickname) initial"; and (3): the exact spelling of your SECURE (NON-'gmail', NON-'outlook', NON-'comcast', NON-'hotmail', and preferably -- NON-'yahoo'), PRIVATE-provider e-mail, with NO "phone number" of yours being needed at all, in this case. So please definitely leave the "optional phone-number" field of the standard web-intake form BLANK, for long-term ENHANCED PERSONAL PRIVACY, if you kindly would. And we THANK YOU for your patience and understanding, all along!)

Should you wish to offer direct-online transactable "ITEMS" (including DOWNLOADABLE ones) to future e-commerce shoppers / buyers, you're always welcome to upgrade to our "Supplier"-level local e-commerce online SELLER option, which concurrently enables you to refer friends and family -- at a "50% permanent commission" return income, consistently refund-flowing back to yourself and your homestead anytime a referral of yours has submitted a joining fee, -- as long as you keep annually renewing your "Supplier" online status. (We thank you, in advance, for your constructive friendship toward our mutual innovative, efforts-sharing online concept, and wish you success with the many "outside-the-box," Original-Liberty-returning opportunities it will soon palpably result in -- for both you and those you love!)

Our Skagit / Upriver-Skagit
Cascades Groups:


Skagit Silver-Barter Small Business

-- As any potential future invasive event or natural disaster would be likely to result in major commerce interruptions, we want to be PROACTIVE. The function of our alternative-commerce (free-barter and pure-Silver deploying alt-commerce) group is to lawfully assemble individuals and "entities" currently against unlawful interference or tyranny and, together, commence serving our mutual community without unconstitutional "restrictions." We encourage our Private Online (PMA) Members to survive (and even -- thrive!) -- by buying, selling and bartering DIRECTLY amongst EACH-OTHER, -- rather than "continuing to back homicidal abusers." We're accepting local small-business directory-listing detail from all Constitution-abiders who would like to participate in this endeavor, to produce a LOCAL-reach, "members-ONLY" Skagit Small-Business Silver Directory. In order to "survive" this CURRENT (unprecedentedly serious!) "moment in history," all of us will, clearly, need to let go of MOST OF our previous "instinctive selfishness" and start intensively supporting our neighbors, friends, family -- our nearest LOCAL-compatriot (ranching / farming / gardening) homesteads. If you have a skill, trade, goods or services to offer others, or if you would like to join this alternative-commerce group, please contact us by inner-membership protected e-mail, after becoming a Private Online (PMA) Member of our local Skagit ranchers' password-protected (and fully online e-commerce enabled) Web-PLATFORM -- by initially clicking HERE.

--> SURVIVAL Web-Link to: Constitutional-Living Skagit Businesses to Support (most recent)

--> SURVIVAL Web-Link to: Skagit Small-Business Yellow Pages (most recent)


Organic-Methods Gardening Upriver

-- The goal of our live-starts transplanting and self-sufficient gardening group is to help individuals grow food in greenhouses / extended-season growing "hoop-tunnels" -- where they are homesteading or have access to fertile soil. Along with growing edible plants, this group studies keeping productive small livestock (chicks, ducks, game, bunnies, goats, babydoll mini-sheep for fine organic down-fleece and organic-soil fertility, etc.). This self-contained, traditional, natural approach to small-ranch homesteading and food-growing provides the greater part of the input of organic materials needed for organic-method soil-maintenance and ultimately -- self-sufficient food security. We hope the joy, therapeutic benefits and rewards of eating the richest, cleanest and safest possible, biodynamic and organic-methods grown ranch vegetables can be helpfully shared within our Skagit local community at large! For more information, please become a password-protected, Private Online Member of our local ranchers' Web-PLATFORM -- initially starting from HERE.


Health and Nutrition Cascades Class

-- This group focuses on superfoods, Nature remedies, cold-press extract obtaining techniques, and personalized one-on-one connections with local ranch homesteads -- to both support them and keep benefiting our own health. We study and teach purely natural nutrition, biodynamics-based, organic-method food growing, naturopathic, homeopathic and other natural plant-extraction cold-press methods and applications, as well as local-plant and edible-mushroom visual identification, superfood nutrients, lawfully permitted mountain-lake and river trout / salmon / steelhead fishing (on the Skagit, Cascade and Sauk rivers -- per seasonal rules), and many other, purely Nature-based ways for us to be well as self-governing, sovereign persons. For more information, please contact us by inner-membership protected e-mail, which you can send us anytime -- directly from our local ranchers' Web-PLATFORM -- initially starting HERE.


Survival Preparedness Cascades Group

-- Our preparedness group's emphasis is on helpfully and frequently setting up small-group advance-RESERVED, "members-ONLY," LOCAL Survival-Study Events (private, confidential-notice local "SSE"-s), -- each featuring its respectively pre-invited survival-topic "Expert Guest Speaker," -- at which we attentively study how to be an asset during a disruption of society, and not a burden to our neighbors. You can always contact us directly by inner-membership protected e-mail, after you've fully and successfully joined our Skagit ranchers' Web-PLATFORM -- initially online-submitting a modest PMA-Membership due, directly from HERE.


Announcements / Events:


We have a need (for our upcoming Skagit Small-Business Silver Directory ) for acceptably directory-publishable, ORGANIC-method growing, SMALL-sized parcel / soil-patch based, LOCALLY homesteading RANCHERS / FARMERS (especially ORGANIC-method, personal-greenhouse / hoophouse equipped, "heritage-seed" VEGETABLE cultivar growers and LOCAL, "ORGANIC grower-method," small-batch offering, edible-plants SEED propagators), as well as attestably honorable specialized professionals like tillers, shearers, spinners, knitters, seamstresses, dentists and doctors. We are looking for people who can provide these goods / services to local fellow-Skagitonians in barter-exchange for either 99.9%-PURE SILVER ROUNDS or just "OTHER" ACCEPTABLE VALUE-FOR-VALUE, uniquely and mutually agreed exchange-media (as further more specifically contractable with EACH individual one of them, separately), and won't bow to unconstitutional tyranny. (If you fit this description, please contact us by inner-membership protected e-mail, which you can send us anytime -- directly from our local ranchers' Web-PLATFORM -- after successfully starting from HERE.)

Please also be aware that ANY ONE of you is welcome to start displaying and announcing his/her local specialty skill-set(s) and offering lawfully online-presentable, helpful "physical survival items" or "downloadable (electronic) files" -- DIRECTLY ONLINE -- within our already existent inner-members' pages titled "Items" and "New Posts" -- after you've expressly joined us online. (To request your Annual "Supplier"-level Membership UPGRADE anytime, please start HERE.)

If you happen to be in search of a PART-time (Skagit / Upriver-Cascades) LOCAL JOB -- getting involved with various ranching GREENHOUSE / HOMESTEAD-prep or Web-based COMPUTER-tasks related (independent-contract / private-freelance) project openings purely LOCALLY (within or near Skagit / Upriver-Skagit Cascades / Bow Hill / Skagit-Flats Edison, etc.) -- to include periodically assisting a good number of pre-subscribed Upriver-Skagit, Cascade Mountain small ranchers and Constitution-abiding, fertile-Skagit-silt tilling, food-growing and seeds-propagating farms, ALL OF which have just been lawfully contract-precommitted (per our local PMA membership-contract's private mutual terms with each-other) to start remunerating you in 99.9%-Pure Silver Rounds each week, and do NOT entail globalist (or any other) abusers, -- then most definitely consider becoming a password-protected, Private Online Member of our local ranchers' Web-PLATFORM -- by initially subscribing HERE.

To post a personal announcement or photo-ad of yours directly onto our "Private-Members Skagit WHITEBOARD," anytime at all (for all other inner-website members to then be able to view on a Web-posting of yours and keep PRIVATELY responding to, "24/7"), please become a Private Online Member of our local ranchers' Web-PLATFORM -- by initially clicking HERE.

Those of you who've already successfully joined our Skagit / Upriver-Cascades mountain ranching homesteads' password-protected Web-PLATFORM are warmly invited to continue intensively and urgently bringing friends and relatives aboard as well, and together with them, start forming (increasingly -- PROACTIVE!) part of our mutual-support, Private-Membership ("PMA"-structured), independent, rural mountain-ranching fueled, PURE-SILVER ALTERNATIVE BARTER Constitutionally guaranteed free-commerce space, -- by initially joining us from HERE.

All along, please be aware that ANY ONE of you is welcome to start displaying and announcing his/her local specialty skill-set(s) and offering lawfully online-presentable, helpful "physical survival items" or "downloadable (electronic) files" -- DIRECTLY ONLINE -- within our already existent inner-members' pages titled "Items" and "New Posts" -- after you've expressly joined us online. (To request your Annual "Supplier"-level Membership UPGRADE anytime, please start HERE.)

( ... And DO GET some of THE FOLLOWING edible plant starts for your personal GREENHOUSE or HOOP-TUNNEL, to support our local ONLINE ALTERNATIVE-COMMERCE PLATFORM please! -- Huge THANKS, friends!)

(This e-mail address of yours has lawfully
and properly belonged in our privacy-
protected news-mail record
since Fall-2021 or later.)


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